About Virginia Taylor

I love everything about cooking. Combing through my favorite cookbooks and websites for the perfect inspiration, shopping at the best stores and farmers’ markets for the freshest ingredients, and then spending the entire day combining these ingredients, stirring, chopping, sautéing, baking and tasting in the kitchen. I truly look forward to creating meals each night I am home with my family. By good fortune, my three kids love sitting around our dinner table to talk and eat and my husband acts as my best critic and also takes pleasure in choosing the perfect wines to accompany our food.

My love of cooking was ignited at the age of nineteen during my first visit to meet my mother’s family—a large, wonderful family that I would handpick as my friends—in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  When my mother and I stepped off the plane in December of 1976, we were greeted by my aunts and cousins who all bickered about whose privilege it was to host dinner first.  Over the next month, I learned about my family’s hospitality and was taught the love of cooking and the art of entertaining by observing my relatives in action.  My aunts and cousins cooked together in the kitchen as if they were having as much fun as all the guests were at the table waiting for the next surprise. Mealtime was about enjoying each other’s company so we sat and ate at the dinner table for hours on end with multiple courses and many more bottles of wine.  That month in Argentina made me realize how lucky I was to have such unbelievable relatives who taught me the love of cooking for others.

In 2003, my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a year off and transport our family to Barcelona, the vibrant hub of Spanish culture and cuisine. I had the wonderful opportunity to shop in the Boqueria open market and in all the neighborhood specialty stores and to host as many dinner parties as my family could tolerate! I cooked suckling pigs, goat, quail, rabbit and Mediterranean fish on a regular basis and LOVED the Catalan lifestyle of eating at 10 pm—our dinner parties always carried on into the early hours of the morning.

Inspired by what I experienced in that unbelievable year, I started a tour company, Taylor Made Tours, by which I take my friends to Barcelona to introduce them to the food and culture my family fell in love with during our year abroad. After three tours and exhausting my list of friends willing to travel with me, I organized a tour to Argentina, the home of my relatives who instilled in me the love of eating and cooking great food.  The trip was a wonderful way to see my family and share with my friends Argentina’s breathtaking countryside, hip European-style cities and culinary culture.

I began blogging when I entered a contest for Food and Wine Magazine in hopes of becoming the “best home chef” in December of 2009.  Upon joining the contest, I became part of Food and Wine’s food community in which individuals blog about their everyday cooking adventures. While I did not win the title of best home chef, I was introduced to the wonderful world of food blogging so I am forever grateful to the editors of Food and Wine.  I hope that my blog can motivate you to get into your kitchen and cook!