About Taylor Made Menus

This blog is designed as a reference for menu ideas and recipes.  I have always liked menu cookbooks but I have found specific recipes, such as a certain appetizer or duck entrée, difficult to locate.  A blog format is the perfect venue for both menus and recipes—readers can search for a particular menu style, like elegant dinner menus or multi-course menus, and then browse through my recipe section if they want to replace an appetizer or side dish.

I have been cooking meals for my family, friends and the community at large for over 30 years.  I always make a point to create paper menus for my special meals so my guests can anticipate what’s next.  Before computers, I hand wrote my menus, but now I create them on my computer using a variety of fonts and beautiful paper and save them for future reference.  I even put my menus at the end of my annual photo albums to highlight the cooking events of the year.  Hence, I have created many menus over time that I now have the opportunity to archive in this wonderful online format.

You can approach my blog in the traditional way by following what I am cooking on a weekly basis, but you can also use my menu section as a pool of inspiration for your every-day meals or special dinner parties.  Since I have been cooking and developing recipes for over thirty years, I truly believe that all my recipes deserve to be tested and those that you like are worthy of placing into your personal recipe repertoire.  I cook for my family around five-to-six times per week and try not to duplicate menus within a two-week period so I have many options for you to explore.  I hope you try them and your family and friends enjoy them as well.

Most of my recipes are developed from ideas generated from cookbooks and blogs and I will always acknowledge the cookbook or chef who gave me the inspiration.  I usually do change the recipe to my personal taste and that version is what I record in this blog.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to look at the original recipe so you too can make your own adjustments.  Under the “Resources” tab I inform you of the cookbooks, blogs and websites I use to create my menus and recipe ideas.

Over the years of cooking, I have discovered my favorite utensils, cookware and general cooking tools and share these with you under the “Kitchen Tools” tab.  I have always felt that you do not need a big kitchen, the best stove or the perfect pots to create a good meal.  I cook perfectly fine food— actually great food—camping on a Coleman stove.  That being said, owning great kitchen tools gives cooking extra convenience and ease. Once you have the extra cash to invest in good equipment, look through my favorite stuff in this section.  I currently cook in four kitchens and love all of them for various reasons.  As you read my blog you will learn more about my kitchens and homes and might find that you too want to own some of the items that assist my menu creation.

Finally, if you have perused my menus and still cannot find one that fits your needs, email me.  I more than likely can help you create a perfect meal for your special circumstance.

Eating around my family’s dinner table has brought much pleasure to me, my husband and children and my extended family and friends.  My love of cooking and entertaining brings value and richness to my life. I have lived well through feeding others and hope this blog motivates you to get into the kitchen and feed those you love!